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You find Yourself in a large quiet Hall. In the center of that hall there is a huge golden effigy, a royal looking Being sitting complacently upon an ornate and quite grand throne. The solid gold represents purity and granduer. The solid gold represents invincibility.

You look up to the face and you descern that it is if fact…You. It is you that is this great Being and it is You that resides on this ornate throne. It is You that resides in this peaceful place. This is Your Piece of God.

You then notice a small doorway on one wall of the room. You open the door and enter a hallway. You notice a door on the left and you open the door. Inside of this door you find a room where everything you desire to be, everything you do not desire to be…every employment you would want to carry out, every employment you would not want to carry out…every knowledge you would want to acquire, every knowledge you would rather learn later…every expression you would love to express, every expression you would rather leave for others, is in that room. You try a few on but decide to continue down the Hallway.

You notice a doorway again on your left. You go inside. Inside in that room is everyone you will ever meet, everyone you will never meet…everyone you love, everyone you don’t love…everyone you will lead, everyone who will lead you…but it is the “after show party” and everyone has removed the greasepaint and everyone turns to smile and welcomes you with almost overbearing Love for you and even your enemies are there but it was all just a Play after all and anything is forgiven and as you finally turn to go everyone is sad to see you go and tell you to please come and visit them again soon. Quite a party going on in your Name.

So, continuing on your adventure the hall turns to the left. On the right hand side after you have made that turn you find a door that opens into a quite hushed and small room where you find a Treasure Chest. Sometimes it is closed but sometimes it is open and when it is opened it is overflowing with drachmas, jewels, deutchmarks, dollars, francs, pieces-of-eight,euros, silver coins from all the ages and gold coins from all the times. This is Your Treasure that you never spent on yourself because you thought you were not “good enough.” It however has built up and it is in fact YOUR money so you reach in and find some money that is recognised in this epoch, and pull out about $500.00 worth of paper dollars or euros or whatever makes you feel you “have enough.” You put this money in your wallet or purse, where ever you keep your “walking around money” and then you snap your fingers and return from your reverie.

For the next few days ACT as though that money is in FACT in your wallet and say to those and act with those in a manner that does not include words of “want” need” “can’t” which is just “won’t” anyway. Know that the dollars will appear out of the ethers. Do not in any instance expect it from “joe” or that “bitch” or “henry oughta…”

Money does not grow on trees…but it does come out of thin air!!

Merely say the words: “I desire.” ….because…I will become…”Happy.”


There were 15 of us from our little town that got together with the Medium named David. David spoke a bit how his family wasn’t thrilled and claimed he was just having split personalities. He said “these guys that come through sometimes want to drive my car.” He said that Michael sometimes comes through a little angry but lately he had been coming through Jovial. We sat in lotus and kept quiet while David composed himself. All of a sudden a laughing Michael came through. One of His first messages was that we in the audience must understand that we too are Masters. He said it was his Honor to be among Us. Hmmm. He picked people out of the 15 that had some personal problems that he knew all about. He did some healing work. But then he came to a part where he said: “I see on your Planet that you all have a big problem with that which you call ‘Coin”

He admonished us that we are all surrounded by Abundance and it is Ours to have as much as we want…”It is O.K!” Meaning that we had a self image problem which was pushing away our true abundance. So he asked us all to go with-in a little and imagine Infinity. “Got that?” We said Yes, but of course who could really fathom infinity? Anyway, then he said “Now imagine a Pane of Glass over your head that stretches out in all ways to the Infinite reaches; got that?” We said Yes. “Now imagine that everything you want need and desire is on the other side of that glass pane.” “Now imagine a tiny hole opening up right over your head and a needle drops through.” “Then see it open wider and a thimble drops through.” “Then wider and a shampoo bottle falls through and wider and some food falls through and then wider and wider and IF A MERCEDES drops through…It is O.K!”

He said someone in another channelling desired a “Humvee.” Michael asked us “What is a Humvee?”  We were taken aback and stammered a bit to think we need to educate an Archangel on the latest autos. I said “It is like a Large Jeep.”  “A Large Jeep!” “Splendid!” “Then I would no longer need my SWORD!!”  It was at that point that I was truly conversing with Michael, (the archangel)    😉

O.K. First of all define: Corpor.   Corpor means Human.  Now: “Under God”  Under God means that there is an ORIGINAL ARCHITECT.  Now let us define Creation. Creation is the process by where you take parts that are already there and Make some different arrangement. Once YOU have created this “new” thing you of course want everyone to know that a) it is truly new and different and b) that YOU are the one that has rights to its use and development.  YOU then go file under Patent Law and the only party (parties) that can say YOU are wrong would be either the ORIGINAL ARCHITECT or some other PERSON that must claim they thought of it first and have all the rights. The U.C.C. is an agreed upon mechanism whereby YOU file your case and it gets compared to all other case.

Charter. Let us look at Charter. The Magna Carta was a charter, an agreement between “Divine Right” Kings and the PEOPLE that were all his “subjects.”  Now a subject is someone that is the property of the King but that is only because “GOD” the ORIGINAL ARCHITECT told him, in no uncertain terms that these PEOPLE, these CORPORS need his attention and guidance and it would be in their best interest, and besides would fail without this guidence and Protection.

Let us go further back in time to “Moses the Laygiver” and Solomon and all those Guys. The Ten Commandments were given directly from GOD to MOSES and it was for the wellbeing of all mankind and this CORPOR really really needed this guidance and would probably fail at this thing we call LIFE.

Now you need to see here that ALL LAW goes back…”grandfathered” to these earlier Times. Hassidic Law…all of it. Over the years things were changed but not unless everyone agreed that it was needed so All the Women and children and Men, All of CORPOR would have a LIFE worth living.

So the Magna Carta was the first time that CORPOR decided they were smart enough, evolved enough, and apt and able to decide their fate without the help and guidence of a Divine Right King.  The “FREEMAN” laws were agreed upon.

Now the POPE on the other hand was the guy that guided it all from this point because HE had an open channel to the Will of God and would listen intently to GOD and pass the information down to other leaders so that everyone will be healthy wealthy and wise.

Now, at this point I doubt I have to point out that things went a bit awry. Nowadays Governments have done a Terrible job. Nuf Said. But ALL of these Governments have a Charter. They state in the Charter that although they are not the ORIGINAL ARCHITECT they do follow the jist of LIFE by protecting and enhancing the LIFE of their CORPOR.

Now, when one Government encroaches on another’s “sovreign” land, they are encroaching on the “reign.”  Therefore, the Government first petitions to an economic statuate such as the U.C.C. and says: Hey Bub!  Get off my Land!  If that does not work, then the Women and children must be protected and the Men take up arms and War ensues.  After War, one side or the other “Sues for Peace” and another Declaration comes out.

So this is why I say: Nobody can refute what is stated in the Documents of the One “Under God” that have been filed. Unless—somebody or group of CORPORS comes out and files that it is THEY that are taking care of everyone and it is THEY that are being fair and it is THEY that have the EAR of GOD and everyone is Healthy WEALTHY and Wise.

Get It?

The People of Greece are resorting to a Barter System. Why this news is important as it is Earth shaking is that Life must go on. The people of Greece have no money thanks to the “leadership” of the country. Factories are idle but fields are not. Craftsman of Greece have been used to barter up until recent times. It Works. But it is sad.

France, Italy, Spain and Portugal are in a fix as well. Ame-Rica — Banana Republic will be in this Fix soon.

The Phoenix Bird is burning. From the ashes we must Build a better Day.

It is Time to Realize that the Phoenix Bird has Crash Landed, Burnt itself with a Searing sound that even the Deaf can sense.  Cyclical. Round and Round. Death and Re-Birth. The cycle of the Seasons. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. Easy Come- Easy go.

But in Ame-Rica (former banana republic) there is something happening that the ancient Hebrew/Quabbalists (not to be confused with “the (former) cabal”)

The old glyphs talked about “Yod.”  Yod (#10) was if placed in alignment with “1” which we know as Aleph talked this way. Brought to life it means that it wants, or anyone that adheres to Yod, wants everything to “stay the same.” the lightbulb must never burn out. The money must never run out. The sands must never run through the little hole.

But those that listen to Aleph—the death/rebirth sign, numero uno on the Quabbalist list, understand that Yod was a dumb thing to follow. Embrace Aleph. Let the Mission burn down, let the tide recede, let the New Baby be born in the place of the OLD GEEZER!

The (former) U.S. Congress is first of all flat out of dough and in no way can they pull us out. They must Default. They must reset.

But the Tide will pull them out and I fear they will drown.

What does the Man (woman) on the Street Do?

Create Anew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barter! (but create)

Use Silver (but create)

Live (and create)