There were 15 of us from our little town that got together with the Medium named David. David spoke a bit how his family wasn’t thrilled and claimed he was just having split personalities. He said “these guys that come through sometimes want to drive my car.” He said that Michael sometimes comes through a little angry but lately he had been coming through Jovial. We sat in lotus and kept quiet while David composed himself. All of a sudden a laughing Michael came through. One of His first messages was that we in the audience must understand that we too are Masters. He said it was his Honor to be among Us. Hmmm. He picked people out of the 15 that had some personal problems that he knew all about. He did some healing work. But then he came to a part where he said: “I see on your Planet that you all have a big problem with that which you call ‘Coin”

He admonished us that we are all surrounded by Abundance and it is Ours to have as much as we want…”It is O.K!” Meaning that we had a self image problem which was pushing away our true abundance. So he asked us all to go with-in a little and imagine Infinity. “Got that?” We said Yes, but of course who could really fathom infinity? Anyway, then he said “Now imagine a Pane of Glass over your head that stretches out in all ways to the Infinite reaches; got that?” We said Yes. “Now imagine that everything you want need and desire is on the other side of that glass pane.” “Now imagine a tiny hole opening up right over your head and a needle drops through.” “Then see it open wider and a thimble drops through.” “Then wider and a shampoo bottle falls through and wider and some food falls through and then wider and wider and IF A MERCEDES drops through…It is O.K!”

He said someone in another channelling desired a “Humvee.” Michael asked us “What is a Humvee?”  We were taken aback and stammered a bit to think we need to educate an Archangel on the latest autos. I said “It is like a Large Jeep.”  “A Large Jeep!” “Splendid!” “Then I would no longer need my SWORD!!”  It was at that point that I was truly conversing with Michael, (the archangel)    😉