You find Yourself in a large quiet Hall. In the center of that hall there is a huge golden effigy, a royal looking Being sitting complacently upon an ornate and quite grand throne. The solid gold represents purity and granduer. The solid gold represents invincibility.

You look up to the face and you descern that it is if fact…You. It is you that is this great Being and it is You that resides on this ornate throne. It is You that resides in this peaceful place. This is Your Piece of God.

You then notice a small doorway on one wall of the room. You open the door and enter a hallway. You notice a door on the left and you open the door. Inside of this door you find a room where everything you desire to be, everything you do not desire to be…every employment you would want to carry out, every employment you would not want to carry out…every knowledge you would want to acquire, every knowledge you would rather learn later…every expression you would love to express, every expression you would rather leave for others, is in that room. You try a few on but decide to continue down the Hallway.

You notice a doorway again on your left. You go inside. Inside in that room is everyone you will ever meet, everyone you will never meet…everyone you love, everyone you don’t love…everyone you will lead, everyone who will lead you…but it is the “after show party” and everyone has removed the greasepaint and everyone turns to smile and welcomes you with almost overbearing Love for you and even your enemies are there but it was all just a Play after all and anything is forgiven and as you finally turn to go everyone is sad to see you go and tell you to please come and visit them again soon. Quite a party going on in your Name.

So, continuing on your adventure the hall turns to the left. On the right hand side after you have made that turn you find a door that opens into a quite hushed and small room where you find a Treasure Chest. Sometimes it is closed but sometimes it is open and when it is opened it is overflowing with drachmas, jewels, deutchmarks, dollars, francs, pieces-of-eight,euros, silver coins from all the ages and gold coins from all the times. This is Your Treasure that you never spent on yourself because you thought you were not “good enough.” It however has built up and it is in fact YOUR money so you reach in and find some money that is recognised in this epoch, and pull out about $500.00 worth of paper dollars or euros or whatever makes you feel you “have enough.” You put this money in your wallet or purse, where ever you keep your “walking around money” and then you snap your fingers and return from your reverie.

For the next few days ACT as though that money is in FACT in your wallet and say to those and act with those in a manner that does not include words of “want” need” “can’t” which is just “won’t” anyway. Know that the dollars will appear out of the ethers. Do not in any instance expect it from “joe” or that “bitch” or “henry oughta…”

Money does not grow on trees…but it does come out of thin air!!

Merely say the words: “I desire.” ….because…I will become…”Happy.”