We know the Phoenix Bird must crash and burn before it can be Re-Born. But how burnt must it be? Who is to say Enough!!?

Babies Dying. Moms Starving. Workers Idle. Homeless Wandering.

Starships Cloaking hovering around uselessly.

Abundance Programs getting as far as Three Monkeys trying to fuck a football.

Justice Systems Corrupt. Spiritual Programs Airy-Fairy. Bankers Off Shore.

So here is the plan: We are all that we have. We must envision this new prosperity. We are the Creator Gods now. We might start by forming the “Government of One.” Each of us are connected by a golden thread and all waiting on the Rama Yama Obama to Disclose is useless. We are the Government Now!!¬† Listen to Us!!

Other than that…plant a seed in every alleyway.¬†