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First you must understand that Creation—this Earth—You—Me—rocks—are a Big “Whoops!!” All of this is God/Creator/Prime (etc. etc.) experiencing…itself. You are God experiencing …itself. A rock is God experiencing itself as … a rock. The “human” is God at its Best trying to see/hear/feel/ (etc. etc.) …………..Its Self.

So All of It is a big “Whoops.”

Whoops! there is a volcano!  Whoops! there is a crack in the earth as it cools after a zillion years. Whoops! somebody was in the wrong (?) place at the wrong time and fell through the crack so I…I…the great “I Am” can experience falling through a crack, hitting myself on a rock…and at the same instance be two lovers wrestling as one…new mother picks up a son…lonely Man cries for love and has None.


1st) There is no division between “Spiritual” and “Physical.”

2nd) There is no “Them.” “They” are only there for your Amusement.
a) You are in the Center of Your own Universe.
b) Banish your Fears and they will cease to “exist.”

3rd) You are not “going” Anywhere that you have not Already Been.

4th) To end the “Separation” You must Love the “Whole.”

5th) In order to be “Rich” you must stop being…..”Poor.”
a) start today

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