First you must understand that Creation—this Earth—You—Me—rocks—are a Big “Whoops!!” All of this is God/Creator/Prime (etc. etc.) experiencing…itself. You are God experiencing …itself. A rock is God experiencing itself as … a rock. The “human” is God at its Best trying to see/hear/feel/ (etc. etc.) …………..Its Self.

So All of It is a big “Whoops.”

Whoops! there is a volcano!  Whoops! there is a crack in the earth as it cools after a zillion years. Whoops! somebody was in the wrong (?) place at the wrong time and fell through the crack so I…I…the great “I Am” can experience falling through a crack, hitting myself on a rock…and at the same instance be two lovers wrestling as one…new mother picks up a son…lonely Man cries for love and has None.